Buddhist Bracelet

More than just a bracelet


First ever recorded footages, No actors used


Lifetime Warranty, every bracelet we offer is covered by a lifetime warranty.


Probably the best bracelet I have and definitely the one I love the most

Maria J.

I got it as a gift and now I'm giving it as a gift to people it didn't only change my life but many people's lives

Mark R.

Never thought that playing with a bracelet can calm my mind and make me think clearly

Robert S.

I sense so much love, power, energy and good vibes from your bracelets thank you!

Cathy A.

impressed with the quality with the box and with the service and impressed that you actually recorded inside the temple with a real monk

Lee N.

obviously, this bracelet was very well made and everyone is asking me where did I get it from

Alexander L.

fits well with pretty much any kind of clothes very nice and modern and very authentic and well made I love it

Kevin D.

I can't even count who many compliments I got for my bracelet

Eman A.

buy this, meditate with it, change your life, thank me later :)

John T.
Buddha olive nut bracelet  - Buddhist bracelet Baby buddha olive nut bracelet - Buddhist bracelet Exorcist olive seed bracelet - Buddhist bracelet Monkey king olive nut bracelet - Buddhist bracelet 3 styles olive nut bracelet - Buddhist bracelet


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Every Bracelet is Fully Handmade

By a master craftsman

How It's Made?
Buddhist Bracelet - meditation bracelet

Be in Control

Calm your mind and take control of your thoughts through the oldest, simplest, and most powerful meditation tool known to humans.

The Mala
Buddhist Bracelet - meditation bracelet

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Diamonds are dead, Seeds are alive. Anyone can get a diamond from anywhere but where would you get an olive pit, designed by an artist, hand engraved by a master craftsman, blessed by a Buddhist monk?

The Necklace
Buddhist Bracelet - meditation bracelet

Own the Style

We make style not fashion. Style reflects the individual fashion reflects the general, style is not limited, fashion is, style doesn't change in time, fashion does; style without fashion is still style, but fashion without style is nothing.

The Bracelet