Buddhist bracelet story


Mr. Kal's Grandfather Goal was to change the world in a positive manner. A blessed Buddhist bracelet that brings happiness was his route. With over 10,000 Buddhist Bracelets sold we are proud to say we have accomplished his goal, and now have set new challenges for ourselves.

Our family has been dealing in Monk bracelets all over the world, and have served some of the most popular monks in history.

To this day we focus on customer satisfaction. We want each and every single customer to a have smile on their face. Whether they are wearing it or about to buy our Buddhist bracelets.


The video above shows a live demonstration of how your Buddhist bracelet is blessed. Each Blessing is administered to every unique bracelet we offer by a dedicated monk in a temple, no exceptions.

L.I.F.E (Love, Intelligence, Freedom, Enjoyment) Those 4 words are exactly what you are getting from your monk bracelet every time your wear it or is around you. You don't need a lucky rope bracelet or Lucky Rope when you have a Monk who blesses your bracelet.


Our main focus is the Quality. When our craftsman made each bead he made sure it had one important component. Quality, our bracelets are made out of some of the HIGHEST Quality of Stones in the world. With our amazing staff team whose traveled to Badakhshan, Afghanistan, where some of the HIGHEST Quality stones are found, we made sure to handpick each individual natural stone. Then we lab tested each stone to meet your high standards.

Buddhist Bracelet


All of our natural stone Buddha bracelets are designed and developed by our unique craftsman whose family has been around since we’ve started, from the initial sketch to the prototype. Cutting the stones to reveal the inner, beauty layered which takes thousands if not millions of years to naturally form. This requires high precision and decades of experience. Each cut results in a unique stone face.

Buddha Bracelet


Buddhist Bracelet


Our craftsman has created some of the most exotic, extravagant, and expensive wood Monk Bracelets ever attempted in history. With Monks supporting the ultimate pursuit for the absolute best Buddhist bracelet we spared no expense in making and refining some of the rarest types of wood in the world. This is the HIGHEST type of wood bracelets you will ever find. Our craftsman is working hard on designing a unique wrist malas & A knotted bracelet.


The monk bracelets we offer are made from 100% natural, highest quality, rarest kinds of woods in the world. We don't only source our wood directly and ethically we make sure that we NEVER source or use wood from endangered forests or unethical sources.

When wood is sourced, we are the first to choose what kind of wood to use and from which trees, this is to make sure that we are only using the best of the best and not the general or bulk or even leftovers of wood. All our monk bracelets are made from the 10% of the inside core of trees and these make the wood much stronger, more beautiful and have the best smell

All our wood slabs get chosen, cut, and cubed by hand and in the best and highest possible standard. Then after the slice is selected, chopped, and cubed it goes through the process of becoming beads.

Buddhist Bracelet


The meaning behind each blessing is simple, it's to ensure that L.I.F.E (Love, Intelligence, Freedom, Enjoyment) comes into your life. It has taken us years of experiments to find the right type of wood for each monk bracelet. This is because each Buddhist bracelet has its own type of wood.

It has also taken us many years to find the perfect master craftsman to design each Tibetan Buddhist bracelet. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again “We don’t believe any machine can do as great as our master craftsman” Most companies let machines do the work for them, however, it's rare finding a company that handmakes each bead and that’s what we provide. 

Buddhist bracelet




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