Royal Silkwood bracelet

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Royal Silkwood Bracelet Promises/Guarantees;

  • 100% Handcrafted Silkwood Bracelet
  • 100% Blessed By A Monk
  • 100% Grown Natural Wood
  • 100% Made From The HIGHEST Type of Silkwood In The World.


About Our Royal Silkwood

Royal Silkwood is wood like no other, well first yes; it's exceptionally smooth, beautiful in texture, and has a unique patina. This type of Silkwood is by far the best and highest quality, and it's precisely what many Buddhist monks and yogis in Tibet and India make their everyday bracelets and prayer beads from.

Silkwood and It's Amazing Smell

Silkwood smell
This kind of wood has a distinct smell and the aroma is lovely and very fresh when smelling this bracelet with eyes closed. You will know the real smell of the hearts of Asian rainforests; the scent may calm down after a while, but it will never disappear, and its patina will only look nicer and better with time.

Benefits Of Silkwood

Silkwood energy
Silkwood is believed to have many benefits like increasing energy levels and strengthening a person's aura; some believe that Silkwood promotes creativity and a higher sense of taste and understanding. Besides, the smell of this Silkwood being merely beautiful, it's like carrying the aroma of a rain forest on your wrist wherever you go and forever.


This bracelet is 100% natural royal Silkwood, handmade by a master artist, individually blessed by a Buddhist monk.

We not only source our wood directly and ethically; we make sure that we NEVER source or use wood from endangered forests or unethical sources.
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