Best wood bracelets in 2020

When talking about wood bracelets you better be thinking of “Buddhist bracelet.” Buddhist bracelet has one of the best wood bracelets in the market right now.

Our bracelets are all handcrafted and sourced from trees in Vietnam. Let us explain. Our wood bracelets are only made from actual wood. It’s taken us a long time to find a figure out where and which place is best to source our wood bracelets.

This idea all started with the grandfather of Mr. Alex (The owner of Buddhist bracelet). This all started in 1895 when Alex’s grandfather wanted actual wood bracelets. He saw many merchants and stores selling fake wood bracelets and claiming it was real. He didn’t like the fact they were selling fake wood bracelets. Alex’s grandfather had an idea. His idea was simple yet complicated. His grandfather decided to travel the world to find the perfect source of wood. Little did Alex’s grandfather know the best place for wood was in Vietnam (His hometown). His grandfather met hundreds If not thousands of people claiming they will source real wood it was all a false image, a lie, and Alex’s grandfather could see right through their lies. After many years Alex’s grandfather stumbled across someone who was perfect. Alex’s grandfather knew, he just had a feeling that this was the person he’s been looking for, for all those years. Alex’s grandfather started talking to the supplier and went to go see how and where they source each piece of wood. From that day on Alex’s grandfather was happy all those years finally paid off.


Now we have the wood what is next?

When most companies hit the stage of having the wood they opt out and let the machines do all the work for them however, Alex’s grandfather chose not to do that. He felt hand making each wood bracelet not only gives it more value but also how its condition will be in a few years. Alex’s grandfather had yet another goal: Finding a Craftsman. He did exactly that, after looking around in Vietnam Alex’s grandfather found someone who was handcrafting accessories from wood bracelets to wooden necklaces. Alex’s grandfather started speaking to him and started telling him what he’s trying to do. He told him “I need someone who can perfect the art of making top quality wood bracelets, you like perfect, would you be interested?” Now the conversation did not really go as smoothly as Alex’s grandfather wanted. The craftsman was unique he has been handcrafting wood bracelets/necklaces since he was 5 years old. After hours of negotiating, they finally settled on a deal. Alex’s grandfather finally had everything set in place. He shipped every single piece he bought, and the craftsman started creating these wood bracelets. This process took the craftsman months (This is why we are always running out of stock). Wood bracelets are not easy to come by. Even if you do wear actual wood bracelets the chances of it being handcrafted is extremely low. You have a higher chance of becoming a Football player. Our wood bracelets are as we stated one of a kind. It’s taken Alex’s grandfather his whole life just to get the right wood.



Why wood bracelets?


Throughout the years, Wood has been used in many crafts (Spiritual & Magical as well). Using wood to craft has been around for centuries. For example, Aloeswood has its value and benefits

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) held the tradition of fumigation with Aloeswood, which continues in the Muslim world up to this day.

Sufis, in Islam, used and burned Aloeswood in meditation and recitation; this is known as "dhikr" to purify the soul and strengthen the will and inner light. Royal Ivory wood is a sacred exotic wood of Zulu African kings; the Zulu kings of Africa would always carry a staff made from the ivory wood as a symbol of power and superiority. At a point in life, Ivory was rarer and much more important than diamonds. Our wood bracelets have been worn by many Sultans, kings, and Monks. All have been very satisfied with the meaning and quality. Our High-quality wood bracelets have been able to satisfy people all around the world and not a single person was dissatisfied with the wood bracelets they received. Unlike most companies who are doing stone bracelets, we chose to do wood bracelets. Wood bracelets have much more quality and longer-lasting than any other type of bracelet. This is only if it’s real wood. Our wood bracelets also have a scent. This scent is the smell of the wood. You see when wearing a fake wood bracelet there are many

indicators of it being fake. One of them is the smell. If there is not a smell, then you know its not a real wood bracelet. Wood bracelets are a new style. Yes, they have been around for many centuries however, they are coming back in style and faster than ever. Wood bracelets are comfortable and can/will last your whole lifetime if handled with care. A Handmade wood Buddhist bracelet There is a multitude of choices when it comes to the wood bracelet. Wood Bracelets came from the Latin word "brachial," which means arm. During the Ancient Greek and Roman ear, soldiers wore wood bracelets.


What does each wood bracelet represent?

Each one of our wood bracelets represents different things. Each bracelet has its own meaning. Our wood bracelets won’t give you superpowers or a “Get rich quick scheme” these wood bracelets have a different meaning for each one. Wood bracelets.



Ivory wood bracelet

Our Ivory wood bracelet is one of our most popular bracelet. Ivory wood bracelets have been getting popular by the second. Royal Ivory wood is a sacred exotic wood of Zulu African kings; the Zulu kings of Africa would always carry a staff made from the ivory wood as a symbol of power and superiority. It was considered as a metaphysical and sacred wood in many tribes in Africa at some point in time, rarer than diamonds. A single ornamented large piece of it would worth more than a precious stone in old times in Africa. Nowadays this wood is so precious and rare in Africa that it’s only cut down after being granted a special and limited permit. Simply, it is one of the most extraordinary and beautiful woods in the world. This wood is very difficult to work with hand tools and is considered by many craftsmen and artist around the world as the best for decoration and carving because of the very beautiful nature and patina it has, as well as the extremely satisfying finish when highly polished, or the very meaningful and natural look when simply smoothed down without polishing. Its patina will only get nicer and better in time. We offer many wood bracelets like this one. Feel free to check out our website at: we cover all shipping for our wood bracelets.



Red Sandalwood is the highest quality of all sandalwood in the world, certainly the rarest, and it's officially considered an endangered species. It’s much darker, heavier, and has a nicer patina that any other kind of sandalwood. This is a purist choice; if you want the absolute best, look no further.

Red sandalwood bracelet

Red sandalwood is considered one of the most precious and sacred woods of all times (a member of the sandalwood family). Many believe that sandalwood has excellent medical and magical benefits. It's believed that wearing red sandalwood will increase the power of your wishes, cleanse your spirit and strengthen your mind. This wood bracelet has been around for decades if not centuries. Being able to perfect a wood bracelet like this one takes years. I simple scratch can ruin the whole bracelet. When our craftsman is making our wood bracelets that’s what we don’t want. Our craftsman has been making/crafting wood bracelets since he was five his chances of messing any wood bracelets are slim to none. Unlike most bracelets, wood bracelets take the longest to craft/make. When craft a real and authentic wood bracelet there are hundred ways someone can mess up the process. We, however, make sure our wood bracelets are the best from the best. We don’t take any shortcuts on our wood bracelets as that ruins both the value and look for the bracelet.



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