Buddhist Bracelet's Goal


Buddhist bracelet goals
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1. Excellent Customer Support: We make it our goal to be Worlds Most Customer-Focused Company. Customer satisfaction is in our DNA, and we make sure to listen and not just talk. 


2. Money Back Guarantee: We give you 14 days to return your bracelet if does not meet your standards. Our craftsman takes hours to perfect each bead for you to meet your High-Quality Standards. 


3. Easy Return, Easy Exchange: If the string for your bracelet broke we make it very easy to exchange/return. Simply ship the bracelet back and we will ship you a brand new bracelet on us!


4. Free Shipping: We provide free shipping on all bracelets.


Making natural, beautiful, and unique bracelets of the best quality and highest standard. A fashion symbol yet an essential something that will always remind you with the things that matter the most in life, something that is very simple yet so complex, natural yet sophisticated, familiar yet exotic. In an age of technology and electronics, we want more people to realize the importance of nature and its beauty. 
Style NOT fashion 
We are fans of style; we are not fans of fashion. Style reflects the individual while fashion reflects the general; style is not limited to a place, fashion is; style doesn't change in time, but fashion does; finally; style without fashion is still style.