Our Buddha Bracelets

      Red Sandalwood/Gold Sandalwood Buddha bracelets

Red sandalwood Buddha bracelet Gold sandalwood Buddha bracelet


 Vietnam Agarwood/Ebony Buddha bracelets

Vietnam Agarwood Buddha bracelet Ebony Buddha bracelet



 Millettia/Bloodwood Buddha bracelets

Millettia Buddha bracelet Bloodwood Buddha bracelet


 Iovry/Taxus Buddha bracelets

Ivory Buddha bracelet Agathis Buddha bracelet


Agathis/Rosewood Buddha bracelets

Taxus Buddha bracelet Rosewood Buddha bracelet


 Himalayan Rudraksha/ Silkwood Buddha bracelets

Himalayan Rudraksha Buddha bracelet Silkwood Buddha bracelet


 Mkuruti/Sandalwood Buddha Bracelets

Mkuruti Buddha bracelet Sandalwood Buddha bracelet


 Blessing Of Buddha Bracelets




How To Use A Buddha Bracelet


1. Hold your Buddha bracelet with your non-dominant hand.

2. Let it around your fingers so you can move it without any difficulty.

3. Using your middle finger or thumb to move is the religious tradition. However, it's much more common to use your thumb.

4. Breathe in and then breathe out. A Buddha bracelet can also be used as a counting mechanism. For example, when meditating practice, a mantra word or phrase can help protect your mind from negative thoughts. A true Buddha bracelet helps you focus, concentrate, and feel calm. 

5. Move your finger to the next bead, breathing in and out for each bead.

6. If your new we would recommend taking it slow and start at something you are more comfortable with (10-25 breaths.)


When Stressed Say:

Buddha bracelet makes you less stressed

Mind Is Calm.

All Is Well.

This shall Pass.

Happiness Will Come.

This Will Pass.


To Be Happier Say:


Buddha bracelet makes you happy

I'm Blessed. 

I'm Bright.

I'm Cheerful. 

I'm Happy.


How Popular Are Buddha Bracelets?


How popular are Buddha bracelets?
Well, Buddha bracelets are getting very common and are getting more popular by the second. Many people believe that these Buddha bracelets can heal them and help them both mentally and physically. But how? How does a simple bracelet heal you? Well, these Buddha bracelets aren't the kind you find in a store and aren't so simple. These Buddha bracelets have been around for a long time.   
Buddha bracelets have been around for a long time
Our store Buddhist bracelet have a monk that blesses every single Buddha bracelet. Many people asked have asked; "Do I have to be Buddhist to wear them?" Our response is very simple "No" (More about that in the bottom). These Buddha bracelets sit in a cave/temple for several months so that the monk can bless each bracelet. These Buddha bracelets are blessed by the monk reciting a mantra while the bracelet is in hand.    
Buddha bracelets

What does Buddha bracelet mean to us?


The Buddha bracelets with smaller sizes and various designs are quickly becoming trendy these years. The monk bracelets are no longer used strictly for meditation and rituals only but also used for style. You don't have to wear the mon bracelet just because you want positive energy. Many people are wearing these monk bracelets for both looks and spirituality.
These Buddha bracelets include many materials such as wood, seeds, gems, and metal. It's a personal preference to choose what type of material your bracelet is made of.  We want our Buddha bracelets to impact the world in an amazing way. We don't care about the money and how much each one cost we care about changing lives and helping those who need to be helped. We even want to help those who don't want to be helped. We want to lift the spirit of all.


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Our Buddha bracelets are unique

Our Buddha bracelets are like none. Companies these days get all their materials for cheap and let the machines do the work. Our Buddha bracelets are like no other company. We source most of our wood from Vietnam to make each Buddha bracelet. When each monk bracelet is made we have to find the right tree/wood. We can't use the same type of wood for each tree. It took Alex's grandfather years of flying everywhere around the world to find where we can source the right type of wood.


Temple of the Blessings

After finding the right type of wood we then proceed to transport the wood to our master craftsman. The master craftsman takes up many days to make all the monk bracelets. He takes many days to make them as perfect as a human possibly could. Our craftsman has been around for a long time now and we praise him for that. He's been handcrafting our monk bracelets for many decades and we are fortunate to have him on our team.


Wukong Buddha necklace

We then transport our Buddha bracelets to a cave/temple where our monk would begin to bless each bracelet. This can take up to many days and that's why we always have a limited stock of buddha bracelets. This blessing can take us up to many months. Our bracelets sit in the Cave/Temple for a few months to collect as much positive energy from all the recitations he will be doing. When then get out bracelets shipped to us. We are based in the USA.



Understand these bracelets aren't a hoax like many other businesses that say "Wear our buddha bracelet and you'll get rich." We're quite against that and we do not respect/affiliate with those types of companies. We don't do this because these companies are using Buddha's name wrongly and unrespectfully. We aren't Buddhist however, We respect them because after all, we are all humans. Understand that our buddha bracelets are meant to help mentally and/or physical we said before our buddha bracelets are blessed to ensure it gives L.I.F.E to people (Love, Intelligence, Freedom, Enjoyment). How can we ensure that? Well, when our monk is reciting a mantra he is reciting a specific mantra in which we can almost ensure that.



Wukong Buddha bracelet
Do I have to be Buddhist to wear Buddha bracelets?



The simple answer is no, but let us explain. Our monk bracelets aren't only intended for those who are Buddhist or involved with Buddhism (Doesn't matter what religion you are). Our bracelets are intended for those who are looking for peace within. Our bracelets are intended to give L.I.F.E (Love, Intelligence, Freedom, Enjoyment) Our monk bracelets can almost guarantee that. These Buddha bracelets are also intended for those who do yoga or even meditate. Our bracelets are made for those people because when wearing our bracelets we and many other people around the world believe that It will calm you down. 


Do Buddhist wear Buddha bracelets?

Fat Buddha bracelet

Buddhist don't typically wear any clothing or jewelry which identifies them as Buddhists, but some wear a kind of prayer bead bracelet. These prayer beads are better known as "Buddhist bracelets" or even "Buddha bracelets" Traditionally they wear cotton or even a wood buddha bracelet. Our store is unique. Our bracelets are authentic and many Buddhists wear them. Many people and High-archy wear or bracelets and see the quality of our bracelets. 


Athena Buddha bracelet

How do I activate my Buddha bracelet?


Buddha bracelet

The thing about our bracelet is you don't need to activate them. Our bracelets don't need any oils or any of that extra stuff. The neat thing about our bracelets is that you just have to wear it. Our monk bracelets are simple and easy and don't need steps to wear them. It's a simple yet important monk bracelet. The bracelets might be hard to remember to wear but once you get used to it, it will become you. Our monk bracelets have taken us many years to perfect in order for it not to have many steps in it. We didn't want our customers to do 10 steps in order to activate it every day. As we stated we wanted our monk bracelets to be as simple as this; you just have to wear it.


What's the point of wearing a Buddha bracelet?


Buddha bracelet gives love

A Buddha bracelet is a way to carry your prayers with you. Many people around the world meditate in a train station or even a subway. Each one of our Buddha bracelets has been handmade by a craftsman who has been crafting accessories his entire life. Many other businesses claim their bracelets are “Handcrafted” however, through several college research it has been proved that 98 percent of stores do not handcraft their bracelets.


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