How Long does it take to get my order?
Unlike most bracelet companies, we take a maximum of 5 days shipping however, due to Covid-19 our shipping time might take longer.
I Have Tiny/ Larger wrist will these fit me?
Yes, most likely each bracelet will fit you, however if you are unsure you can always email us at and we will email you back within 24 hours of receiving the email. We will be more than glad to help you on figuring out which type of bracelet/s best suits you or a friend/family member.
Are these bracelets actual wood?
Of course, they are. Depending on what type of bracelet it is, each one is sourced from its own kind of tree.
Are these bracelets Handmade?
Of course, Each bracelet is finished/made by a master craftsman, every bracelet we offer must go through a process of at least seven steps; some bracelets can even take a twenty-step process. Most companies these days let the machines do all the work for them, and we believe no machine can do the quality of our master craftsmen.
How and where are these bracelets blessed?
A Buddhist monk individually blesses every single bracelet we offer. The blessing is being administered to every unique bracelet we offer by a dedicated monk in a temple no exceptions. How is it done?  A monk holds a bracelet in hand and starts reciting a mantra in a specific way to bless the bracelet.
After the monk has blessed each bracelet, what is next?
Each bracelet is then stored in the temple for a minimum of 3 months to ensure it attracts as much positive energy from all the recitations, after these 3 months are over it is shipped to our facility. (We do not touch any of these bracelets or open the box until a dedicated customer makes an order). When the customer orders a bracelet, we wear a glove, each unique bracelet means a different glove. We do not care how many bracelets are ordered; we wear a different glove for each one. We do not believe in shortcuts.
How can we ensure that our employees are not taking any shortcuts?
First of all, when starting “Buddhist bracelets” We were a team of 5 and it has stayed this way for some time now, we also made many promises one of them being is that we don’t take any shortcuts. Our team of 5 who execute shipping and make sure everything is going accordingly are watching over each other to verify no shortcuts are ever taken.
Are they Waterproof Can I get them wet?
Yes, of course, our wood bracelets are water-resistant but should not be immersed in water or kept in high humidity; if it does get wet however, immediately blot dry. We do not want you to damage your bracelet.
Do the bracelets cause any type of Skin Reactions?
No, however, make sure you do not have any allergies from wood. Most people around the world do not so we guarantee you, you will be fine.
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