Why our Buddhist bracelet men’s?

We have been around for an exceptionally long time (125 years). When talking about Buddhist bracelet men’s or women you better be mentioning us. When your looking for a Buddhist bracelet what are you looking for? Quality? Blessed? Natural? Authentic? You are in luck my friend. Each one of our Buddhist bracelets have those features.


Quality – All of our Buddhist bracelets focus on one thing quality. Every single Buddhist bracelet we offer has to be the highest quality or else we wont even present it to our customers.


Natural – Every men’s Buddhist bracelet we have is natural. This means we source it from actual trees and doesn’t have fake wood.


How can I tell its authentic – When you receive your Buddhist bracelet their will be a smell. This smell is the wood. Each one of our bracelets has a smell.


Blessed – Each one of our men Buddhist bracelets are blessed by a monk. There is a video on our homepage showing you how the monk blesses each bracelet and that’s through a recitation. Each one of our blessings are also administrated by a monk. The monk makes sure no shortcuts are ever to be taken.


When designing our Men’s bracelet we had one goal. That’s to make the customers as happy as possible. Our men’s Buddhist bracelet do just. We’ve seen and tested many styles and over the decades we’ve finally hit the jackpot and came up with the best men’s Buddhist bracelet ever to be seen.


 Sandalwood Buddhist bracelet men's

In ancient Buddhist tradition, Sandalwood men's bracelet has been celebrated as the perfect meditation tool....

Buddhist bracelet Men's bracelet

Bloodwood Buddhist bracelet men's

Bloodwood men's monk bracelet is one of the strongest and unique woods in the world...


Buddhist bracelet Men's bracelet

Millettia Buddhist monk bracelet men's

Some for the purpose of cuisine and some for medical purposes...

Buddhist bracelet Men's bracelet

Aloeswood Buddhist monk bracelet men's

Aloeswood ranged up to $100,000/kg.....

Buddhist bracelet Men's bracelet

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