Red sandalwood bracelet

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Our Red Sandalwood Bracelet Promises/Guarantees;

  • 100% Handcrafted Red Sandalwood Bracelet
  • 100% Blessed By A Monk
  • 100% Natural Grown Wood
  • 100% Made From The HIGHEST Type of Red Sandalwood
  • 12 MM Red Sandalwood Bracelet

History of Red sandalwood

Red sandalwood history
Red Sandalwood is the highest quality of all sandalwood in the world, certainly the rarest, and it's officially considered an endangered species. It’s much darker, heavier, and has a nicer patina than any other kind of sandalwood. This is a purist choice; if you want the very best, look no further.
Red sandalwood is considered one of the most precious and sacred woods of all times (a member of the sandalwood family). Many believe that sandalwood has excellent medical and magical benefits. It's believed that wearing red sandalwood will increase the power of your wishes, cleanse your spirit and strengthen your mind.

What Red sandalwood was believed to be

Pterocarpus santalinus better known as Red sandalwood is believed to be the wood of immortality, not like other wood losing the scent or the aroma after the wood is cut; sandalwood retained its beautiful fragrance for decades. The smell of red sandalwood comes from the wood itself and not from the leaves or the flowers.
In the ancient Buddhist tradition, Sandalwood has been celebrated as the perfect meditation tool for thousands of years. It is widely believed that the red sandalwood can stimulate sensuality, grant a sense of awareness, tranquility, awaken the divine thoughts within the spirit, and promote profound relaxation.
Red sandalwood bracelet is a perfect meditation bracelet 
It’s believed that red sandalwood stimulates the base Chakra and it enhances trust, identity, and life force (sexual energy). 

Why is a red sandalwood bracelet expensive?

Red sandalwood bracelets have a lot of benefits and smells like a mix of floral, balsamic, rich, soft, and sweet accents. Unfortunately, red sandalwood is on the verge of going in extinct. Due to that reason sandalwood is harvested by removing the whole tree, rather than sawing it down close to ground level.

The smell of red sandalwood

Why our red sandalwood bracelet?

A recent study shows 97% of companies fake their wood. (Including wooden bracelets) This is done through Laminate wood. However, we are different. Our company focuses on the customers rather than the profits. You might say “Why is your bracelet so expensive then?”
1. A real red sandalwood board can cost up to $55

 2. Top-quality, we are not here selling you a low-grade red sandalwood bracelet. We sell 1st grade sandalwood meaning; it from a 26+ year old tree. The older the tree the better the quality.
3. Handcrafted, each bracelet is handcrafted. No machines, no automations.

4. Blessed by a monk  


This bracelet is 100% natural red sandalwood, handmade by a master artist, individually blessed by a Buddhist monk.
We not only source our wood directly and ethically; we make sure that we NEVER source or use wood from endangered forests or unethical sources.

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