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Himalayan Rudraksha bracelet Promises/Guarantees;

  • 100% Handcrafted Himalayan Rudraksha Bracelet
  • 100% Handpicked from the Himalayan Mountain
  • 100% Blessed by a mon
  • 100% Made from the HIGHEST Quality Of Rudraksha seeds



History of Himalayan Rudraksha bracelet


Himalayan Rudraksha bracelet is probably the oldest seed that ever used for meditation. Considered a sacred seed in Hinduism and Buddhism, it is associated with Lord Shiva and is commonly worn for protection by his devotees. No seed in the world has the energy and benefits of the Himalayan Rudraksha bracelet; the Himalayan Rudraksha bracelet tree simply grows only at a certain altitude in the Himalaya ranges. Our staff team makes sure to get the purest and highest quality of Rudraksha seeds. All handpicked to meet our customer expectations. 
 Himalayan Rudraksha trees
The Himalayan Rudraksha bracelet seed has vibrational energy and a level of beauty that is different than any other seeds in nature. Almost every single yogi, wise man, meditation expert, healer, and leader in India and surrounding countries owns or wears a Himalayan Rudraksha bracelet or strand. The Himalayan is a great piece for those who are yogis or want to wear a piece as ancient Buddhists did. Himalayan Rudrasha's is the best choice for something like that. 
The Himalayas where Rudrasksha seeds can be found

Honestly, there is so much to be said about this Himalayan seed and its benefits and the great experience people have from wearing it. In addition to the fashion side of it and the beauty of the natural shape, the uniqueness of every bead, and the quality of the work, it’s a truly purist item and a real meditation accessory that has been around for thousands of years and worn for thousands of years. Himalayan Rudraksha bracelets are iconic and are now worn by many. 

Rudraksha seeds 

Himalayan Rudraksha bracelet is worn by many

Himalayan Rudraksha bracelet are worn by many 

Many people around the world, especially skeptics, had a shift of belief after they wore the Himalayan Rudraksha bracelet. I personally have seen doctors, lawyers, monks, and leaders wearing Himalayan Rudraksha bracelets almost every single day. Many people will say they feel very at ease and relaxed when wearing it; others will say its energy field will help regulate the blood pressure, while others think it has supernatural qualities and magical benefits. We believe that only you can know for sure after you try it. Himalayan Rudraksha bracelets are extremely powerful when it is true. Successful people tend to wear Himalayan Rudraksha bracelets more. 

Rudraksha relaxation 

Why our Himalayan Rudraksha bracelet?





Lately, many people started manufacturing Himalayan Rudraksha bracelet or chemically growing Himalayan Rudraksha bracelet trees, and here, we assure that every single bead we offer and sell is grown naturally and organically and extracted from its natural environment by experts who have been doing this work their whole life; it’s the highest quality possible. So Himalayan Rudraksha bracelet seeds used in every bracelet we offer are all 100% natural, hand-selected, and of the highest quality. We focus on customer satisfaction and guarantee all Rudrkasha's to be handpicked from the Himalayas. 

 Himalayan Rudraksha bracelet

This is a very beautiful, special, and spiritual bracelet that will stand out and attract attention; if you feel it's calling for you then don’t hesitate to get it. Getting your hands on a true Himalayan Rudraksha bracelet is extremely hard. With fake Rudraksha seeds that have been chemically grown, it has not been easy. Not many people can go to the Himalayas. In fact, not many people can go to the Himalayas and survive. The average temperature is 25 Celsius. 

Himalayan Rudraksha bracelet high Mountains 

Whether you want only a Himalayan Rudraksha bracelet or a Himalayan Rudraksha seed it does not matter. What really matters is having a true/real Himalayan Rudraksha bracelet/seed next to you. It is believed wearing original/real Himalayan Rudraksha bracelets is much better. This is because it feels as it is part of your body and is healing your body. When having a Himalayan Rudraksha seed it isn’t part of it. It just sits around, and you touch it here and there. However, an original/real Himalayan Rudraksha bracelet is always touching you and gives you that healing energy feel.

 Himalayan Rudraksha bracelet the tall and huge mountains

With that being said many ask “Who should not wear a Himalayan Rudraksha bracelet?” and that answer is this. Anyone can/want to wear a Himalayan Rudraksha bracelet. You do not need a list of things to do to wear an original/real Himalayan Rudraksha bracelet. In no way do you get negative energy/power around you when wearing them.

Himalayan Rudraksha tree 



This bracelet is 100% natural Himalayan Rudraksha bracelet seed, handmade by a master artist, individually blessed by a Buddhist monk.


We not only source our seeds directly and ethically; we make sure that we NEVER source or use seeds from endangered forests or unethical sources.

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