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Throughout the time we have been around we've had many goals. We've achieved most of them and some are still being worked on. However, there was always one goal we focus and work hard for. Customer satisfaction.


There are many steps for customer satisfaction and we make sure we go through each one. 


1. Issue Reported


2. Investigate Issue 


3. Correct Action


4. Customer Follow-Up 


5. Cause Analysis 


6. Preventive Action 


7. Customer Follow-Up


8. Verify Satisfaction 


9. Customer Follow-Up


10. Customer Survey


We make its our goal at Buddhist Bracelet to follow our 10 Golden steps to make sure each customer is fully satisfied. The most important being the customer survey. 

How Far We Are Willing To Go


How Far we Are Willing To Go.


From the day Mr. Kal's Grandfather (Owner) opened a physical location in Vietnam. To now an online store. We make sure you are satisfied, and through out those years we've learned things that most companies will never learn or know. Through hard work and dedication we make sure our customers have a smile.

With the stone bracelet release we worked day and night to make sure each little thing was perfect. I remember when Mr. Kal (Owner) slept at the office. We closed and locked all the doors we went home and came back the next day and he was still there sleeping in his chair trying to perfect everything for our customers. The handwork he went through to make sure everything is perfect.

We know how valuable our customers are. It has gotten to a point where Mr. Kal calls our customers family.


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