Buddhist Bloodwood bracelet

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Bloodwood Bracelet Promises/Guarantees;

  • 100% Handcrafted Bloodwood Bracelet
  • 100% Blessed By A Monk
  • 100% Grown Natural Wood
  • 100% Made From The HIGHEST Type of Bloodwood In The World



Bloodwood Is A Magical Medicine 



Bloodwood is one of the strongest and unique woods in the world, which will give the illusion that it's bleeding when cut. This red dark sap that flows from the tree has many uses and benefits, which were used in the old world as a magical medicine to cure many illnesses.
Bloodwood was used a magical medicine

History Of Bloodwood

Nowadays it’s used in cosmetics, coloring, and medical cures for different conditions. It is also an endangered and protected species, due to its ability to produce the highest quality furniture, boats, and wood floors from that wood. This wood is very rare and very beautiful, dense, and rich in both color and weight, with a very unique and deep patina that is almost 3d looking.  This will definitely be a perfect accessory to complete any high-end wardrobe or accessory collection. Spiritually, this wood is directly related to Amplification, focus, divination, strength, and healing.
Bloodwood tree


This bracelet is 100% natural Zambia Bloodwood, handmade by a master artist, individually blessed by a Buddhist monk.

We not only source our wood directly and ethically; we make sure that we NEVER source or use wood from endangered forests or unethical sources.
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