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A Buddhist bracelet has no meaning if it has not been blessed. Many companies have said they have blessed Buddhist bracelet, yet, when asked “Can we see a video?” They seem not to answer or provide an excuse. A Buddhist bracelet must be blessed for it to have a meaning. If it is not blessed it has not meaning and its just an ordinary bracelet anyone can get. So, what makes us special?


 Our meaning of Buddhist bracelet


Our meaning of Buddhist bracelet is different then many other Buddhist bracelets. Our Buddhist bracelets are blessed by a monk and are being supervised by a monk to ensure every blessing is correct.


Our meaning of Buddhist bracelet is L.I.F.E (Love, Intelligence, Freedom, Enjoyment). These four things are essential for a human to during his/her life. Without these four things our life would not be the same.

Buddhist blessing bracelet

 A Monk bracelet


This is also a Monk bracelet. We call it a “Monk bracelet” because in the 1900’s our bracelets were mostly worn by monks. These monks are random monks. They have been worn only monks that have taken over years to perfect their craft at it.


 Where is the blessing held at?


This Blessing is held in a cave/temple. This cave/temple has not been entered in 220 years. However, our monk was the first to do so. Each blessing can take up to hours. This is one of the main reasons why our store is always on short stock. We have a video of what a blessing looks like on our home page. We also have two other blessings on our Buddhist bracelet Instagram.


 Different blessing for each bracelet


Many monk bracelets have a different meaning. Each Buddhist bracelet is blessed in a different way. Some Buddhist bracelets are blessed using a different part of a mantra.


“How do I bless a bracelet?”


A popular question asked. The simple answer is it is not easy and will never be easy. Monks have taken years of their life to master the craft of blessing a bracelet. Do you really think you will be able to do it within 30 minutes? Even If articles claim you can, their will be no meaning in the “Blessing” you perform. One wrong thing you say, and the blessing is ruined.


 Conclusion, Buddhist bracelet


Overall, Buddhist blessing bracelets can have millions of meanings. Our meaning has always been the same. Since the first day we have started the meaning has always stayed the same and we NEVER plan on changing it. Each blessing is made so that each person can Love, be intelligent, be free, and enjoy life at its full potential. 


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