Understanding Sandalwood's Spiritual Benefits 


Sandalwood does not only have one exact benefit; there is a list of Spiritual Benefits of Sandalwood.


However, we have studied and read over 346 articles and created a unique list of 6 spiritual benefits obtained from Sandalwood or Santalum's album.


Sandalwood Spiritual Benefits:


  • Calm one when needed.
  • Stimulate awareness. 
  • Bring good luck.
  • Help rid of negative energy.
  • Help with sleep and mental stability. 
  • Help with meditation and physicality. 



Sandalwood bracelets, oils, or even incense can be extremely beneficial in yoga and meditation. 

Sandalwood Bracelet Spiritual Benefits

Sandalwood has been around for thousands of years. According to Dr Thomas Volck:

The Sandalwood Spiritual benefits are mentioned in the Bible. Sandalwood is referred to as "Aloes" and is called one of the oils of gladness alongside other raw materials.

Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea brought Sandalwood and Myrrh to bury Jesus (PBUH).

Studies have also shown Monks have used Sandalwood bracelets to guide them to a more positive spiritual path.

Sandalwood Spiritual Wood Tree

Sandalwood Spiritual Benefits Details


Our team here at Buddhist Bracelets has also gathered 4 more detailed reasons for Sandalwood's spiritual benefits.


  1. Sandalwood Spiritual Calming: Wearing a sandalwood bracelet can help bring calmness. A technique that has been used by monks for hundreds of years. 
  2. Sandalwood Spiritual Luck: Not a fact, but rather a belief. Many monks worldwide believe that sandalwood can help you with spiritual luck.
  3. Sandalwood Spiritual Negative Energy: A blessed sandalwood bracelet can help remove all negative energy you feel around you.
  4. Sandalwood Spiritual Anger: A blessed sandalwood bracelet can also help with all anger built within. Wearing



 15 Sandalwood Spiritual Benefits:

  • Santalum album can bring peace to you.                     
  • It can calm you down.
  • It stimulates awareness when needed.
  • It brings good luck.
  • Get rid of negative energy around you.
  • Sandalwood can help you concentrate.
  • It can relieve stress when needed.
  • It helps you sleep better.
  • Controls Anger.
  • Helps Mentally.
  • It helps with meditation.
  • Santalum album helps physically.
  • It helps with spiritual yoga.
  • Santalum album can take you to a Spiritual world.
  • Better Spiritual Energy and Benefits.




Sandalwood’s scent is beautiful, soft, and woody. It is also combined with a creamy note with a mix of rich and sweet accents.

It would be considered a “woody” smell because of how exotic and friendly it smells. Sandalwood Is a trendy oil when it comes to perfumes.


There are many benefits of smelling true (100%) sandalwood. It can help calm you down with its beautiful, rich, and sweet smell.

The smell alone can spiritually calm you down and bring anyone to a good state of mind. Unlike agarwood, sandalwood has a soft smell, which will help calm you down and possibly eliminate any evil thoughts you are having.

Sandalwood Spiritual Wood Logs


Throughout the thousands of years sandalwood has been around, it has had hundreds, if not thousands, of spiritual meanings.

There are many Wood Spiritual Meanings.

Below we have listed the 5 most common sandalwood spiritual meanings:

Sandalwood Spiritual benefits Spiritual Energy
  1. Sandalwood Spiritual Energy:


For hundreds of years, monks, scholars, and many religious people have believed that sandalwood will help bring positive energy to the one wearing the sandalwood bracelet.

It is believed that it can help get rid of any negative energy around you.

Whether you feel the negative energy or not. It is highly believed all negative energy surrounding you will ago away.

This is the beautiful part about sandalwood's spiritual benefits.

Sandalwood Spiritual benefits Healing
  1. Sandalwood Spiritual Healing:


In ancient Buddhist tradition it is believed sandalwood has a way of healing you spiritually.

It can help your thoughts and can help you become a better person; this is also combined with meditation.

This can help you reach a state of mind unknown to most people.

Santalum's album can also help with healing wounds, not only physically but mentally as well.

Overall, it will help your state of mind and make you a better person than you already are

Sandalwood Spiritual benefits Happiness
  1. Sandalwood Spiritual Happiness:


Sandalwood is believed by many to bring happiness to the ones who need it the most.

Whether it is red sandalwood, regular sandalwood, sandalwood oil, or sandalwood bracelets, It is highly believed worldwide that sandalwood can help bring happiness to a person when needed the most.

Like Sandalwood Spiritual Healing, combined with mediation, it can help immensely. It can help one reach another level of happiness.


Sandalwood Spiritual benefits Tranquility
  1. Sandalwood Spiritual Tranquility:


Wearing an authentic sandalwood bracelet it can help bring a sensation of tranquility.

This technique has been used by all monks for hundreds of years.

You can also combine this with meditation, which can help you immensely with your spirituality. Mediation is a big part of being spiritual.


Sandalwood Spiritual benefits Cleansing
  1. Sandalwood Spiritual Cleansing:


Sandalwood oil, incense, and bracelets can help clean one body.

As mentioned above, we are not only talking physically but also mentally.

It can feel like a washer has just turned on in your brain, wholly washed you, and you feel brand new.

This is the beautiful part about sandalwood.

Sandalwood Spiritual Wood Logs

Spiritual Benefits of Sandalwood

Below, we have listed 8 spiritual advantages of sandalwood

  • Calm one when needed most.
  • Assist in conveying precise luck.
  • Get rid of lousy strength around you.
  • Enable you to concentrate. 
  • Get rid of stress.
  • Enable you to have better sleep.
  • Help manage anger.
  • Can help with mediation.

There are thousands of benefits, and we have listed just a few. 

Sandalwood Spiritual Sandalwood wood Logs


Sandalwood has hundreds of uses. Data and studies conducted by scientist suggest that Sandalwood can help with:

  • Alertness
  • Wounds
  • Bacteria
  • Anxiety
Sandalwood Spiritual benefits Alertness


Sandalwood oil can help lower a person’s blood pressure.

Studies have shown the greater the decrease in systolic blood pressure, the higher the subjective rating of alertness. 

Sandalwood Spiritual benefits Wounds


A study by Health Line shows that skin cells have different receptors when wounded.

When the sandalwood bracelet/oil touches the wound, it shows that the growth of the wound healing increases.

Sandalwood Spiritual benefits Bacteria


Journal Of Crano-Maxillofacial Surgery shows that sandalwood can help fight against diseases.

Sandalwood Spiritual benefits Anxiety


Research proved that sandalwood bracelets/oil can reduce one's anxiety. Scientists ran some tests and showed the results to be promising.

Sandalwood's spiritual benefits extend to health benefits as well. The sandalwood spiritual benefits we list here are just a few.

There are thousands of sandalwood spiritual benefits, and more than half of them no one knows.

Studies have been conducted using Sandalwood Oils and how they reduce stress; a PDF link is provided above to help further assist you.

Sandalwood Spiritual Benefits Santalum Album Meaning


Sandalwood is a beautiful wood that has excellent medical and spiritual benefits.

As mentioned above, wearing or using sandalwood is believed to help you spiritually.

It is also believed to be called the wood of immortality, unlike other wood that loses its scent after a few minutes.

Sandalwood scent will stay there for a long time.

Sandalwood is also believed to stimulate the base chakra, enhancing trust, identity, and life force.


Sandalwood has been used in craftsmanship for over 1500 years.

The exact meaning behind sandalwood needs to be explained. There are thousands of meanings; hundreds are true, and hundreds are not.

However, the meanings we listed above are genuine and have been written, studied, and completed by thousands of monks.

Each data has been studied and passed down from one generation to another.
The sandalwood spiritual benefits tree
The Santalum album is not only for perfume; Santalum album has many uses like bracelets, incense, incense sticks, incense cones, and many more.

The beautiful part is that it has spirit and medical properties. It also has natural anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antiseptic.
Sandalwood Spiritual craftsman

As stated above, sandalwood is commonly used as an oil because of its beautiful smell.

However, it can also be powdered and made into made. From that, it can have hundreds of spiritual and medical benefits.

Sandalwood has been used constantly for many generations around the world. Sandalwood's healing properties are not only spiritual, but it can also help you with your skin.

Sandalwood paste is usually a form of oil, water, milk, honey, or even lime juice.

These few materials can help with your skin.

However, the abovementioned things have been proven to help with your skin.

Overall, sandalwood has a lot of benefits. Sandalwood's spiritual benefits can help anyone.

Sandalwood Spiritual Bracelet

Sandalwood Spiritual Oil Benefits

Sandalwood oil is also frequently used in religious ceremonies or spiritual practices.


Sandalwood oil is believed to be beneficial in treating both physical and mental disorders. 


This can include the following:


  1. Anxiety 
  2. Fatigue 
  3. Fever 
  4. High Blood Pressure 
  5. Liver Problems 
  6. Sore Throat. 

Sandalwood Spiritual Bracelet

In China, sandalwood is a traditional medicine.

Sandalwood is being tested and prepared for pain because of stagnation, poor appetite, and chest pain.

To this day (2023-24), they are experimenting to see the best usage of sandalwood.

Sandalwood is an overly complex oil. Yes, it smells lovely. However, the complexity cannot even be described.

Sandalwood Spiritual Bracelet

Sandalwood oil is absorbed through the skin and is thought to transmit messages to the parts of the brain controlling emotions and thoughts.


These messages are believed to affect emotional and spiritual responses.

Sandalwood Spiritual Bracelet

Sandalwood's Spiritual Beliefs


It’s believed that sandalwood is one of the most sacred scents. It is also believed that sandalwood helps connect you to the material world while your brain wanders during meditation.

Burning sandalwood incense can help remove all hostile forces around you.

Some people take it a step further and combine incense with Buddhist bracelets; this motivates the mind to avoid any excessive thoughts and behaviors and focus on the only two tasks the individual is doing.

This would encourage an individual to replace negative thoughts with positive affirmations, which are shown to boost a person's confidence and self-esteem, which, over time, is shown to help people overcome any mental barrier they might be facing.

It is also believed that sandalwood paste has a lot of healing properties. Burning sandalwood has been used in many spiritual practices.

However, Australian sandalwood has become more popular for body care and relieving anxiety. 

Sandalwood Spiritual Benefits What Does Sandalwood Symbolize?


The people of India respect sandalwood because they believe it has tremendous spiritual light and protective energies. They also consider it a symbol or sign of vitality.

In Ayurvedic medicine, sandalwood is considered bitter, relaxing, contracting, and cooling.

Sandalwood has a hidden and beautiful spiritual meaning, as shown above. To fully understand and conceptualize this, it is essential.

It isn't just a type of wood that smells great; it is more than that, with a deeper meaning.

The most educated people understand this, including monks and people who tend to venture into this style.

Sandalwood is also known to help with dehydrated skin, ageing, and itchiness.

Sandalwood Spiritual benefits: WHAT DOES SANDALWOOD SYMBOLIZE

14 Sandalwood/Santalum's album Spiritual benefit Facts

  • Santalum's album has been used for thousands of years.
  • It's until recently sandalwood has been getting popular.
  • Sandalwood is the best meditating tool.
  • Sandalwood is the most common tool for monks.
  • Santalum's album is the best spiritual tool.
  • Sandalwood Is an extremely powerful spiritual tool.
  • Sandalwood is a positive spiritual tool.
  • Santalum's album is a positive spiritual tool.
  • Incense burners are used for Indian sandalwood.
  • Sandalwood trees takes 10-30 years to grow.
  • Indian sandalwood is one of the more popular types of sandalwood.
  • There are many spiritual benefits of Santalum's album.
  • Incense burners and sandalwood incense have been used for a long time.
  • There are over 100 types of Santalum's album trees.
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