Howlite Bracelet

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Howlite Bracelet Guarantees;


  • HIGHEST grade of 8mm natural Howlite Stone beads
  • Handpicked stones From Badakhshan, Afghanistan 
  • Handmade By Our Craftsman
  • Polished 925 Solid Sterling Silver

All stones have been chosen by hand to satisfy AAA+ quality standards. High-quality natural Howlite stones.


Howlite Beliefs


Howlite bracelet can extend your knowledge and destroy any limitations you have. It can help improve the imagination and enhance oneself. Howlite bracelet can help in the dream state to access or get back wisdom and bring it back to your consciousness.


Howlite Bracelet & Insomnia 


A true Howlite bracelet can help clear the mind chattering. It can help you stay focused on a task you have in mind. It can help you focus your attention on a given task or work. It can also help boost the idea/ideas of other people. Overall, a true Howlite bracelet is immensely powerful and is one of the most powerful gemstones.


Howlite bracelet

Howlite Bracelet Can Open Intuitive Ability


Howlite bracelets can help communicate with the spirits around you and train your mind to carry out wisdom and knowledge. It can help you achieve any goals you set your mind to. Howlite bracelets are extremely powerful during mediation.


Howlite bracelet

History of White Howlite Bracelet


White Howlite crystal bracelet was originally named after Henry How, the scientist who brought this stone to awareness in 1868 after the finding deposits of the stone in Nova Scotia. However, the stone has recently received other names like the most recent “Snow Leopard Stone,” this is because of its beautiful color that resembles a snow leopard. Using Howlite Beads in mediation is like an ally. It can feel like you being moved to snow-packed mountain ranges. Howlite bead Bracelets is one of the best if not the best mediation/yoga tool in the world. White Howlite bracelet is an amazing gemstone bracelet. Both Howlite gemstones and Tigers eye bracelets are the most popular crystal bracelet. The amazing part is the stretch bracelets. Our Tigers eye bead bracelets and Howlite gemstones bracelet are very stretchy. These stretch bracelets are amazing to have and use. 


Howlite bracelet

Howlite Bracelet has a lot of spiritual energy around it. Howlite Bracelet can help guide you in the process of slowing down and understanding while maintaining full spiritual and mental awareness.


Howlite bracelet

As your in your spiritual transformation, no matter what stage you’re in, Howlite Bracelet shows the example of a snow leopard with its strength and focus, but also soft.


Howlite bracelet

Howlite Bracelet Open-Mindedness


Howlite Bracelet is a great way to keep you as open-minded as possible. Howlite stone is very powerful when it comes to this and can help you without anyone making a judgment. As you encounter new challenges Howlite Bracelet can help you with the problems you face.


Howlite bracelet

Howlite Bracelet Meaning


Howlite Bracelets are powerful when it comes to a spiritual and emotional way. Howlite Bracelet is a calming bracelet, and it can help its wearer to reduce their stress levels and anger, as well as anger that is directed towards them.


Howlite bracelet

Howlite Bracelet can absorb negative energy and its calming qualities are thought to also help reduce insomnia as it relieves and unburdens an overactive mind.


Howlite bracelet

In terms of physical healing powers, it’s said that Howlite Bracelet can balance calcium levels and strengthen its wearer’s bones.


Howlite bracelet
Howlite Bracelet Conclusion


Howlite Bracelet may not be seen as the most precious gemstone; however, Howlite stone should seriously be appreciated for its own qualities. Whether Howlite is tumbled and polished into beads. A true Howlite Bracelet is an extremely beautiful stone/bracelet and is worn by millions of people around the world.

White Howlite Crystals

Crystals and stones are some of the most common types a bracelet is made up of. However, recently Jade bracelets, Obsidian bracelets, Macrame bracelets, white howlite beaded bracelets, Lapis Lazuli bracelets, and Onyx bracelets have been getting very popular. 

White Howlite

A stone bracelet that uses natural gemstone can help with stress relief. Agate bracelets and Gemstone jewelry and Natural gemstone are believed to heal one both spiritually and physically. Our healing bracelets do the same due to the fact it's been blessed by a Buddhist Monk. 

White Howlite stress

We make sure of a few things. High-Quality, Natural Stone, Genuine Howlite, and an Elastic bracelet. This way it is best when worn and will last a long time.  We use small mm bead because our round beaded stones are extremely high-quality & of course, natural. 

White Howlite bracelet

A gift for a man or A gift for women. A men's bracelet or a women's bracelet. Our fashion jewelry is meant for both men and women.  Our White Howlite gemstone can be intended for anyone. It is also a perfect yoga bracelet and meditation bracelet. Our Tiger Eye Bracelet is also blessed as a protection bracelet. 

Whether you're looking for an Adjustable bracelet, Turquoise bracelet, Gold bracelet, Jasper Bracelet, Lucky bracelets, Energy Bracelets, Chakra bracelets, or a silver bracelet it does not matter. Our bracelets are made sure to be blessed by a monk so you get the full experience. Each blessing is administered by a Buddhist monk and make sure no shortcuts will or have ever been taken.  

Our white Howlite beaded bracelets are a one size fits all. So you don't need an adjustable bracelet. Our bracelet also focuses on stress relief while our Tiger eye protection bracelet focuses on protection. 


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