Remove all stone Buddhist bracelets before going to bed or being a part of physical activity. Exposure to certain chemicals or harsh environments will result the integrity of your jewelry. This includes, but is not limited to: sweat, perfumes, detergents, bleach, salt water, and silver polish.


Buddhist Bracelet Sterling Silver


All sterling silver tarnishes over time, but it happens much faster when it meets ingredients like perfume, salty air, sulfur, skin creams, hairspray, chlorine, and acidic skin pH. Tarnishing will result in not a manufacturing fault. To prevent tarnishing / oxidation and reactivate the gloss, all products should be cleaned with a soft polishing cloth.


Buddhist Bracelet Gold Vermeil 


Gold vermeil jewelry won't tarnish, but chemicals, perfume, oil, moisture, wear, and dirt can corrode it over time. We recommend wiping them with a soft cloth or washing them with warm soapy water. Rinse and dry completely. Avoid contact with chemicals as they can remove the gold vermeil layer. When storing your gold vermeil jewelry, protect it from scratches, chemicals, temperature extremes, and sunlight.


Wearing Buddhist Bracelets


  • Remove Buddhist bracelet before manual task
  • Put your Buddhist bracelet after applying makeup
  • Don’t wear during bath
  • Don’t play sports while wearing your Buddhist bracelet
  • Don’t wear your Buddhist bracelet around water


Clean Your Buddhist Bracelets (Stone Bracelets)


  • Don’t wash your Buddhist bracelet (If Damaged)
  • Use warm water and mild soap to wash Buddhist bracelet
  • Check Buddhist bracelet regularly
  • Clean your Buddhist bracelet with cloth


Please note that the guarantee does not cover plating issues, or discoloration of beads. This occurs due to improper use of your jewelry.


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