Tiger Eye Bracelet

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Tiger Eye Bracelet Guarantees;


  • HIGHEST grade of 8mm Natural Tiger Stone beads


  • Handpicked Stones From Badakhshan, Afghanistan 


  • Handmade By Unique Craftsman


  • Polished 24-CT Plated Gold Lucky & Wealth Cube


All stones have been chosen by hand to satisfy AAA+ quality standards. High-quality natural Tiger Eye bracelet



Tiger Eye Bracelet Blessing


Our Tiger eye bracelet has been blessed by a monk. The monk recites a specific mantra that brings positive energy to the one wearing it. As shown below. Our tiger eye bracelet is also one of the most popular bracelets around the world. Tiger eye has many meanings, and we have added another meaning to it by simply blessing it. L.I.F.E (Love, Intelligence, Freedom, Enjoyment) is what our monks have blessed your Tiger eye bracelet with. What you read below will make you understand the different meanings of the tiger eye bracelet.




Tiger Eye Bracelet Believed


It is believed that the tiger eye is the gemstone of bravery and helps you be better in everything you do. Whether it’s exercising or work. It is believed that Tiger’s Eye stones bring spiritual energy down to earth, while you are focused on earth. It brings hoper and solutions to problems you have. tiger eye bracelet is also known as a protective stone. It can bring to the one who’s wearing it or near it. It can also bring prosperity, luck, and wealth. Tiger stones can also raise awareness and help keep any negative energy away. This leaves you only with the positive waves to protect you.


Tiger Eye Protection Bracelet Stone

Tiger Eye Bracelet History


Tiger eye bracelets have been used for centuries and date to true kings of the jungle, the tiger represents strength and courage and has been used since the early days of human civilization.


Tiger Eye Protection Bracelet


Tiger stone bracelets have been worn and engraved by Romain soldiers to protect them in the battle, it is still used as a protective stone. For centuries it has also been also used for achieving success. Wearing it can represent and bring success to one’s life. Tiger stone gem has been used for many things. From May 21- Jun 20 it was the accepted gem for wedding anniversaries.


Tiger Eye Protection Bracelet

It was used by many ancient civilizations to bring good fortune to the wearer. In easter mythology, the magical tiger is represented courage, integrity, and power


Tiger Eye Protection Bracelet

Tiger Eye Bracelet Believed (II)


When you want to better your creative energy, or when dealing with issues in which you need string, will control, or focus, you can bring Tiger's eye around your wrist. It gives a balance for those suffering. Scientists have also proven that it can help relieve stress or anxiety and protects one both physically and mentally.

Tiger Eye Protection Bracelet stone

It is believed that tiger eye stones can help with harmony and balance. It helps stimulate taking actions and helps you to make quick decisions with understanding, and unclouded by your emotions. It is also highly believed that it can bring good luck and from the bracelet alone. This has been believed for decades and is still believed to this day.


Tiger Eye Protection Bracelet
  • Tiger eye beads were traditionally carried as an amulet/necklace. This was because it was used to go against any curses or ill-wishing, and it is extremely known to give one courage, self-confidence, and strength. It increases creativity and is one of the most important stones in the world. It even healed/aid Kundalini's awakening.
  • Tiger eye stones are so powerful that they can help accomplish your goals naturally. If you are experiencing a lack of self-worth. This stone may help you build the confidence, brightness, and creativity that may relieve those feelings.
  • Tiger eye stones can help us be more active. Both mentally and physically. It can also help majorly with the lower chakras. It will stimulate the base chakra, sacral chakra, and solar plexus chakra. The energy of tiger eye stones is extremely powerful. These beliefs have been followed for decades and are still followed around to this day.
Tiger Eye Protection Bracelet

Tiger Eye Bracelet Meaning


Clear Thinking, Protection, Personal Empowerment, Willpower, Integrity, and Grounding.


Tiger Eye Protection Bracelet

The things we have listed are exactly what Tiger eye stones give.


  • Tiger Eye Clear Thinking: Tiger eye stones can help you think clearly. Instead of your emotions getting in the way, it can help you think without emotions.
  • Tiger Eye Thinking: Tiger eye stones can help you think smarter. After all the saying goes “Think smarter not harder.” Tiger eye stones help you do so.
  • Tiger Eye Protection: It can help you both physically and mentally. It can help get rid of any negative energy around you.
  • Tiger Eye Protection Empowerment: It can help you become a better person. It can also help you develop into the person you wish to be.
  • Tiger Eye Willpower: Tiger eye stones can help you stay in control and not let your urges get in the way.
  • Tiger Eye Protection Integrity: Tiger eye stones can help you be honest and have strong moral principles.
  • Tiger Eye Grounding: It can help you stay strong and become fearless. Whatever you decide to do it can help/protect you. It will keep you grounded in everything you do and help you develop into a better person.


Tiger Eye Protection Bracelet

Meaning Of Tiger Eye Solid Gold Cube 


When wearing a genuine solid gold with a Tiger eye bracelet it is believed that it has a deep meaning, it is a traditional symbol that brings wealth, luck, and fortune to one who is wearing it. The beliefs we have stated have been used for decades.


Tiger Eye Protection Bracelet
Tiger Eye Stone Associations 


  • Chakras: Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Planet: Sun
  • Element: Fire & Earth


Tiger Eye Protection Bracelet

The Tiger eye stone can help with the third chakra of seven. As the energy that governs personal power and confidence. A Tiger eye bracelet can help you feel like a better person and will make everything much better. Red tiger's eye and blue tiger's eye bracelets are also very popular. Our stone beaded bracelets are like no other because we focus on Quality, not Quantity. It's a one-size-fits (Stretch bracelets) so it can fit anyone!

Third Eye Chakra

Our beaded bracelets have four main things; Natural, High-Quality, Blessed, Handmade. We focus on these 4 things for any bracelet including Tiger eye beads and Red tigers eye. We are yet to release the blue tiger's eye. However, we will soon release them and make sure they are also one size fits all (Stretch bracelets) so need for bracelet adjusts.

Tiger Eye bracelet Natural

Our Men's tiger eye bracelets are focused on quality. We do not and will not ever use glass beads and if we ever do we will make sure to state it. There is a reason why the mm tigers eye beads are so small this is because getting High-Quality big beads isn't the easiest to do. You can always stack the bracelet with a Lapis Lazuli bracelet or Onyx Bracelet or even a red tiger eyes bracelet. 

Tiger Eye Braecelet

Natural stone is key for our bracelets as we've clearly stated above. All of our related products use natural stone as well. Our Tigers eye beaded bracelets are one of the most popular men's jewelry. However, our Stretch beaded bracelet is unisex.

Men's beaded bracelets tend to be matte black. However, the Tiger eye protection bracelet is now one of the most popular bracelets for men.


Red Tiger Eye Bracelet

These beaded bracelets, whether it's Red tigers eye or blue tiger's eyes are getting extremely popular. The style is unique and no bracelet comes close. Not even a feng shui bracelet. 

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