Rosewood Bracelet Meaning


The meaning of a Rosewood bracelet is an extremely rare and unique wood that is considered a holy prize in India. This Rosewood bracelet is a protective wood that is believed to protect one from negative energy. It is also known for healing and improving blood circulation. It also helps in manifesting what you desire, dream, and need to heal. A true Rosewood Bracelet will help you through your toughest times. It can help with many things all the way from a physical stand point to a spiritual stand point. The beautiful part about Rosewood bracelets is that it will attract as much positive energy to the one wearing it. 



Rosewood Bracelet Meaning

Rosewood Bracelet Negative Energy: It is believed that a true rosewood bracelet can remove negative energy from one. This helps you reform from being around negative people and negative self-talk.


Rosewood bracelet makes you happy

Rosewood Healing Bracelet: It is believed that Rosewood bracelet can heal one. We are talking about physically and mentally. Rosewood used to be a way to heal from cuts. Rosewood bracelets also are used in meditation and can heal yourself internally.


Rosewood helps with healing

Physical: The smell of rosewood plays a big part of healing. Its scent has been used throughout the centuries for headaches, nervousness, and frigidity. Wearing a Rosewood bracelet on a skin or irritation also can heal the area.


rosewood bracelet smell

Spiritual: Rosewood spiritual healing energy helps accent the innate qualities of compassion and love of a person.  How to use a Rosewood bracelet.


rosewood bracelet spiritual

Rosewood Desire & Dream: Rosewood has a lot of meanings, but this one has been believed for centuries. Rosewood bracelet can help you have better thoughts and dreams and have a better desire depending on what you are looking for. These have been believed for centuries and are still believed to this day.


rosewood bracelet dream

Rosewood bracelet Meaning Details


  • Protection
  • Happiness 
  • Love
  • Positive Energy
  • Physical Healing
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Understanding
  • Hopefulness
  • Blissful
  • Joyful


Rosewood beads Meaning


The meaning of Rosewood beads is the same as the bracelet. However, it’s much more ineffective to use Rosewood beads then a Rosewood bracelet. Wearing a rosewood bracelet can protect someone from negative energy. It can also help with healing and improving blood circulation. It also helps in manifesting what you dream, desire, and need to heal. Rosewood beads are found everywhere. However, finding real and authentic Rosewood beads is an extreme challenge. With 96% of Rosewood beads being fake it is not easy getting your hand on real Rosewood beads. Here at Buddhist bracelet, we have made a promise since day one that we will used only real and the best type of Rosewood beads on earth. We take this promise very seriously to this day.



Rosewood Bracelet and Necklace History


Rosewood bracelets have been around for centuries. However, Rosewood in now considered an endangered species and is on the verge of extinction. Rosewood bracelets aren’t only the thing. Many other craftsman’s make Rosewood necklaces. Throughout the centuries Rosewood bracelets have been getting rare, and Rosewood necklaces are forgotten. It is not the style anymore, rather a Rosewood bracelet is the style, and the new fashion in 2021. Unfortunately, Rosewood necklaces are forgotten now a days.


Real Rosewood bead bracelets


Rosewood Bracelet Meaning

Real Rosewood bracelets have an amazing meaning, but they also have an amazing feeling. Real Rosewood bracelets tend to have a more smooth, shiny, and silky texture. The smell of real Rosewood bracelets is indescribable. A sweet and comfortable smell if the best way many describe it. There are many fake and not real Rosewood bracelets around. Many think/claim they have real rosewood bracelets; however, it is usually fake. Rosewood bracelets are extremely easy to fake and spotting a fake rosewood bracelet is not easy. However, we at Buddhist bracelet have made It easy for you. The best and highest quality wood bracelets in the world found here.



Rosewood Tree Symbolism


Rosewood Tree Symbolism has been around for a long time. The Rosewood symbolizes kindness and good heart. The tree is said to interact with one by spiritually and mentally harmonizing. Rosewood trees still continues to be used and have been restricted from being cut down since 1992.


Rosewood Tree of Symbolism

Purple Rosewood Meaning


The meaning of Purple Rosewood is to help you remove negative energy and help you stay calm and collected. Purple Rosewood is very uncommon and not a lot of people wear it now a days. Rosewood itself is common. However, not many prefer to wear Purple rosewood as it is much easier to fake. This does not mean there are not fake Rosewood bracelets. As stated, above Rosewood bracelets are faked every day. The best way to spot a fake Rosewood bracelet is by buying from a shop you trust. Whether it is online or a shop nearby.


Rosewood Beads bracelet meaning

Handmade Rosewood bracelet


Handmade Rosewood Beads

All Rosewood bracelets we have are entirely handmade by a craftsman. This is both to ensure its authenticity and making. 99% of companies use machines to make their artificial Rosewood bracelets. We Guarantee all Rosewood bracelets authenticity and craftsmanship.


rosewood bracelet craftsmanship

Rosewood Bracelet Meditation


Meditating using a Rosewood bracelet is a way to focus all your energy on the Rosewood bracelet and attract as much energy to it. Hold the bracelet in hand and let your thumb move through each bead. When doing this, make sure you are constantly reminding yourself  on whom you want to be.


mediate with the Rosewood bracelet



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