Beautiful natural wood bracelet 

Here you will find some of the finest and rarest types of natural wood bracelets. Many companies claim they sell real “natural wood bracelets.” However, we have been around long enough to tell what natural wood bracelets are fake and which are fake. We will take a dive and explain how each wood bracelet is crafted and how we obtain each piece of wood.    


Natural wood bracelet crafting


Crafting a natural wood bracelet like ours is not simple. This step itself can take days. If a craftsman gets a scratch on a bead, the craftsman must re-cut another piece of wood to make yet another perfect bead. It is not simple. Our craftsman does not have machines and extra people to help him. It is all done through hand without using machines that automatically make each bead.


How we get our natural wood


As we have stated before, we source most of our wood from Vietnam. We have a dedicated team of 3 that oversee the process of each wood being cut and shipped to its necessary location. We have made a promise that no shortcuts will ever be taken and that’s exactly what we present.


Real and fake natural wood bracelets


Telling whether a natural wood bracelet is real, or fake is not easy. There are numerous ways to tell whether a natural wood bracelet is real and fake.


1- Does it have a smell? Most fake natural wood bracelets don’t have a smell. When smelling a real and authentic natural wood bracelet it should be extremely easy to tell it’s a real natural wood bracelet.


2- Does the wood inside have a smell? Now, obviously most people won’t check this factor. However, if you are really wanting to know whether your natural wood bracelet is real or fake, you can cut a bead in half. If the bead has a smell, then its authentic if the wood inside smells like nothing then it’s a counterfeit natural wood.


3- Is the wood flaking/cracking? You will not see this right away. This comes over time. However, if your “natural wood bracelet” starts to dramatically change in colors and start cracking its most likely a fake natural wood bracelet. To read more about fake/real natural wood click here





In conclusion, fake “natural wood bracelets” are everywhere and are getting popular by the second. Why take a chance and purchase a fake bracelet from others when we guarantee a real and authentic natural wood bracelet. Through our years of being in business (125 years) we have never disappointed a customer. All of our customer have been happy with what they have received. This is because all bracelets we provide are top-quality, natural, handmade, and blessed by a monk.

Natural wood bracelet
1. Agarwood natural wood bracelet



Real natural wood bracelet
2. Millettia natural wood bracelet


Beautiful natural wood bracelet
3. Bloodwood natural wood bracelet


Rare natural wood bracelet
4. Sandalwood natural wood bracelet


Amazing natural wood bracelet
5. Taxus natural wood bracelet



Rosewood natural wood bracelet
6. Rosewood natural bracelet


Taxus natural wood bracelet
7. Agathis natural wood bracelet





Buddhist bracelet