Fake Agarwood Vs. Real Agarwood


Fake Agarwood Bracelet


 Real Agarwood Bracelet

Real Agarwood Bracelet


There are many fake agarwood bracelets on the market. This is because of how rare Agarwood truly is and how hard it is to get your hand on a agarwood bracelet.. If you are an amateur in agarwood, it’s difficult to recognize an agarwood bracelet. Here are a few helpful tips for you identify real agarwood bracelet and fake agarwood bracelet at the buying moment.


1. The Smell Of The Agarwood Bracelet

Agarwood Oil

The smell of real agarwood bracelet is a little weaker than the smell of the fake agarwood bracelet. You can only smell the sweet, comfort, delicate and gentle of a real bracelet. With a fake agarwood bracelet, you can from you can smell it from the other side of the room. The real oud wood bracelet has eternal fragrance and the fake oud wood smell is reduced day by day. When you use the bracelet for a long time, its smell can reduce. 

A real agarwood bracelet has a very nice smell. A fake agarwood bracelet doesn’t have an aromatic smell. 


2. The Color Of The Agarwood Beads

Fake Agarwood beads

Real aloeswood bracelet is natural in color to include white wood parts and infected wood parts. They are never a black solid color. Fake eaglewood bracelet is normally in a solid color usually fake eaglewood is solid black. Fake aloeswood bracelet is normally injected oil with high pressure, so it’s color is solid.


3. Surface Of Agarwood Beads

Eaglewood Bracelet

Real agarwood bracelets tend to have holes on the beads. These holes are very hard to replicate and make a fake from. These holes are from the Agarwood tree itself. However, sinking agarwood tends not to have any holes in them. 


The Difference Between Real Agarwood & Fake Agarwood


Aloeswood chips real

The smell of a real agarwood bracelet is a little weaker then the smell of fake agarwood bracelets. A real aloeswood bracelet has a nice comfortable smell, while fake agarwood bracelet has a very strong smell. Agarwood bracelet due lose it's smell day by day. However, if you keep your Agarwood bracelet in a designated bag you will be fine. 


Why Wear Agarwood Bracelet?


Agarwood chip

The natural smell of Agarwood bracelets can distill your mind and keep you calm. They help you get into desired states quickly and help you mediate very easily. True agarwood bracelets have many health factors. 


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