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Before starting we want to understand, what a Monk bracelet is. There are thousands of ways to bless a monk bracelet. Each blessing has a different meaning. For example, when it comes to our monk bracelets, we have a monk who blesses each bracelet to bring L.I.F.E. (Love, Intelligence, Freedom, Enjoyment) The monk recites a specific mantra in which it attracts as much positive energy to the one wearing it. A true monk bracelet will help you through the toughest times in your life.


Agathis Monk bracelet

Understanding the Types of Blessings for your monk bracelet



The blessing of Positiveness: This blessing attracts as much positive energy to one as possible. However, this one is not easy. This takes monks years if not decades to perfect.

The blessing of Calming: This blessing brings calmness to one, when most needed. It’s not easy being calm in tough situations. However, this blessing helps you be calm when needed.

The blessing of Protection: This blessing protects you from all evil spirits when worn. This blessing is also exceedingly difficult and requires a lot of focus.

The blessing of Happiness: This blessing attracts happiness to the one wearing it. This blessing is only for bringing happiness.

The blessing of Love: This blessing attracts love. This blessing will show/give you a lot more loving.


How to use monk bracelet


Bloodwood Monk bracelet

Step 1. Use your monk bracelet through Meditation


Mkuruti Monk bracelet

Meditate, meditation is a way to focus all your energy on the bracelet and attract as much energy to it. Hold the bracelet in hand and let your thumb move through each bead. When doing this, make sure you are constantly reminding yourself  on whom you want to be.


Rudraksha Monk bracelet

Step 2. Blessing Oils


Finding real blessing oils is not easy, they are extremely rare and sacred. However, if you do manage to get yourself on the hands of one make sure you gently rub each bead with the blessing oil. Make sure you get yourself the correct blessing oil, depending on what you are seeking.


Step 3. Understanding the Mantras


There are hundreds of Mantras. Understanding which mantra, you need is a keyway to use your monk bracelets. We here at Buddhist bracelet are giving you secrets most companies will never share.


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