Buddhist meditation bracelet


Each one of our Buddhist meditation bracelets are unique. You might find many bracelets like ours, but we promise you one thing. Our bracelets are all blessed, and handcrafted. Many businesses do not provide this however we do. Each Buddhist meditation bracelet is handcrafted by our master craftsman before its blessed. These Buddhist meditation bracelets are intended to help you out with any struggles you are going through. If you have any questions about our Buddhist meditation bracelets, please feel free to contact us.








Our definition of Buddhist meditation bracelet is quite different from many others. When we are talking about a Buddhist meditation bracelet, we are talking about a Monk blessing each bracelet. If you are looking for a Buddhist meditation bracelet there isn’t a need to look any further. Our bracelets are all blessed by a Monk. Each Buddhist meditation bracelet is administrated by a monk. Here is a video on how our Monk blesses each bracelet.

 Buddhist Bracelets The Temple, The Blessing - YouTube 


Why our Buddhist meditation bracelet?





A Buddhist meditation bracelet is helpful. When wearing our monk bracelets it calms you down. it is also designed to give you LIFE (Love, Intelligence, Freedom, Enjoyment). We make sure all of our Buddhist meditation bracelets provide these four unique things.


-Love: Why be filled with hate? When you can be filled with love. As humans we should learn to love each other.


-Intelligence: Be smart. Intelligence can be defined in a million ways. For example, having logic, self-awareness, reasoning creativity, and much more. Our goal is to give you those properties through a bracelet that has been blessed by a monk.


-Freedom: Be free. We aren't only talking physically we are also mentally. We want our customer to feel both happy and free.


-Enjoyment: One, if not the most important one. Enjoyment, Enjoy your life you only get to experience your life once. So why not enjoy it while it last's?



Where we bless each Buddhist meditation bracelet






The blessing happens in a cave/temple. This cave/temple has not been entered in nearly 220 years our monk was the first to do so. The blessing of each Buddhist meditation bracelet is administered to every unique monk bracelet we offer by a dedicated monk in a cave/temple. The blessing happens by holding the bracelet in hand and reciting a mantra in a specific way to bless and attract as much positive energy to the person wearing it. It is not to grant any superpowers or metaphysical abilities but solely for good energy and a healthy vibe. We additionally give a percentage of our profits to a temple/cave of a group of monks. Each Buddhist meditation bracelet is then kept inside a box that will never be opened. This box is only opened at the beginning (When the Buddhist meditation bracelet is placed in the box by the Monk) and in the end (When the customer opens the box). We not only do that we make sure we wear gloves for each box. This is because we do not want to mess up the positive energy. Understand we are always low stock this is since our Buddhist meditation bracelet take a long time to be blessed. It takes an exceedingly long time to bless each bracelet.


We could all learn a thing or two from Buddhist bracelets, and these Buddhist meditation bracelets are a perfect reminder to cherish the things in life that. Each Buddhist meditation bracelet is hand-crafted in Vietnam. every Buddhist meditation bracelet has a different meaning depending on what type of wood it is and what part of the mantra our monk recited. In life, there are many blessings like Friends, family, love, pets, a new opportunity. There are so many blessings in life that we take for granted.


This monk bracelet is not just another ordinary fashion accessory. We are fans of style; we are not fans of fashion. The style reflects the individual, while fashion reflects the general; style is not limited to a place, fashion is; style doesn't change in time, but fashion does; finally; style without fashion is still style, but fashion without style is nothing. Our Buddhist meditation bracelet allows the customer to have positive energy both within and without. The Buddhist meditation bracelet allows you to spread positivity with a simple, yet elegant gift.


Story about us.


Many customers have appreciated our Buddhist meditation bracelets and what it has provided them. The idea of each Buddhist meditation bracelet was an idea created by Alex’s ‘grandfather (Buddhist bracelet owner). When Alex’s grandfather (Mr.Kal) wanted to make a monk bracelet, he wanted many features one of those features was to have a Buddhist meditation bracelet Mr. Kal did exactly that. Through the years Mr. Kal traveled all over Vietnam (His hometown) to find the right/perfect monk to bless each bracelet. Through many years Mr. Kal was attempting to find the right Monk which he did. Mr. Kal found one of the most popular Monks in the world. Mr. Kal explained to him what he was trying to achieve. The monk took what Mr. Kal was saying into consideration and agreed to help him create a blessed bracelet. From that day on Mr. Kal had everything complete from Buddhist meditation bracelets all the way down to handcrafted bracelets. Mr. Kal unfortunately passed away and now Alex is in charge of the business. Alex made a promise to his grandfather and that was never to take any shortcuts and only make the best-Buddhist meditation bracelets possible. From that day on Alex has been traveling back and forth from Vietnam (where he was born to Houston (Where he operates). Alex only focuses on one thing and that one thing is the quality of each blessed bracelet. He wanted to make sure each Buddhist meditation bracelet was not only properly blessed but were also handcrafted and that’s exactly what “Buddhist bracelet” provides.


Each Buddhist meditation bracelet includes a message you might not see it, but deep inside each one of those beads, there are words. These words are from the recitation of each blessing that our Monk has said.