Who Is Buddhist Bracelet?

Who is Buddhist bracelet?
Buddhist Bracelet is a company originally based in Hanoi, Vietnam in 1895. The Owner/Founder Mr. Kal's grandfather opened this store and sold these bracelets exclusively for Kings & Monks. A perfect Buddhist bracelet blessed by a monk, Handcrafted by a craftsman, and uses some of the rarest and most exotic wood in the world. 

The Promises Of Buddhist Bracelet


Many promises were made and many promises were kept. Mr. Kal's grandfather wanted an authentic and real business that sold some of the best wood in the world. One of the promises was to sell 100% Exotic, Natural and High-quality wooden bracelets. Mr. Kal still continues this tradition after the passing of his grandfather and has kept this promise. Everything we state about our monk bracelets is guaranteed & promised. 


1. Exoticness: We here at Buddhist bracelets, have some of the most exotic woods in the world. Many others claim there wood bracelets are real, but we can guarantee you that you have never worn a real & exotic bracelet like ours. 


2. High-Quality: Okay, they might say "We have real wooden bracelets." Buddhist bracelet doesn't focus on only having natural bracelets, but also High-quality bracelets. Here at Buddhist bracelets we have some of the Highest-graded wood bracelets in the world that have been lab tested and proven. 


3. Blessed: All Buddhist bracelet have been blessed by a monk to ensure L.I.F.E. (Love, Intelligence, Freedom Enjoyment) This is done through a blessing, a monk recites a specific mantra to attract as much positive energy as possible. More info on Buddhist Bracelet