You've probably landed on multiple Buddha online stores before hitting ours. You've made it. Our Buddha online store only sells the best of the best, all the way from Handmade to it being blessed by a monk (Video below). Most of our wood is sourced from Vietnam. Our Buddha online store has been around since 1895, and has been exclusively sold to Kings, Sultans, and monks. We decided to go public and show the world one of the most exclusive Buddha online store.







Our Buddha monk bracelets


Our Buddha online store


Our Buddha online store sells some of the most expensive and extravagant monk bracelets around the world. These monk bracelets have been limited to only a certain amount of people and are now going public. 

-Why so expensive? 

Our monk bracelets ONLY use real wood. At our Buddha online store we believe authenticity is what makes us different. Many might claim they are using actual wood or claim their monk bracelets are blessed, but, where is the proof? our video above showed you the steps we take to perfect a perfect our unique Buddha bracelet.


Buddha online store



 Real Buddha online store






In Buddhism, Buddha bracelets were quite common. When I say common, I mean the rich were wearing them. Not only were the rich wearing them but also the monks. The monks would be wearing blessed bracelet/wood bracelet all the time. Wearing these accessories was a must back then. When you go to a place like China, you will see most if not all the monks wearing a piece of accessory. Some monks even wear everything ranging from a Buddha bracelets all the way to Buddha necklaces.




A Buddha bracelet is common now a days. It might of not been common back in the days. However, the trend is like a fire burring down a forest. Everyone is wearing it. So what makes us different? Well its simple our bracelets have been around for more than 125 years and haven’t changed. We’ve sold out bracelets to many hierarchy and they have respected what we’ve represented. This is because they know our bracelets are one of, if not the best.




In Islam, many people tend to wear buddha bracelets. These Buddhist meditation bracelets have been worn by many sultans hundreds of years ago (125 years). Many people wanted to wear these bracelets but only a portion of people had the chance to wear them. This ranging from Monks to Sultans all the way up to kings.  

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