What is a proper meditation bracelet?

A beautiful handcrafted sandalwood bracelet

A sandalwood meditation bracelet is powerful. A meditation bracelet can help one’s mind, anxiety, improving a person’s health, stress, help your immunity and mood and can resolve pregnancy problems. A yoga meditation bracelet can help with many other things. We are only listing a few things it can help with.   



How to use sandalwood meditation bracelet


Sandalwood meditation bracelet being held in hand
  1. Hold your sandalwood bracelet with your non-dominant hand.
  2. Let it around your fingers so you can move it without any difficulty.
  3. Using your middle finger or thumb to move is the religious tradition. However, it's much more common to use your thumb.
  4. Breathe in and then breathe out. A Buddhist meditation bracelet can also be used as a counting mechanism. For example, when meditating practice, a mantra word or phrase can help protect your mind from negative thoughts. A true Buddhist meditation bracelet helps you focus, concentrate, and feel calm. Here are some words you can pick
  5. Then you move your finger to the next bead, breathing in and out for each bead.
  6. If your new we would recommend taking it slow and start at something you are more comfortable with (10-25 breaths.)


To stay less stressed say:


Mind is calm.

All is well.

This shall pass.

Calm down.

Stay calm.

(5 meditation you should try)


Stop being stressed and wear our bracelet


To be happier say:


I am blessed

I am bright

I am cheerful

I am happy



Through meditation our bracelet can make you happy

What is a fake sandalwood meditation bracelet?


Everyone talks about having a sandalwood meditation bracelet and that is understandable, but what is a true sandalwood meditation bracelet?


Anyone can say they have a sandalwood meditation bracelet. A bracelet that is not intended for meditation can be labeled as a “sandalwood meditation bracelet.” A sandalwood meditation bracelet has had many things. The following qualities are provided in all our meditation bracelet.



Real sandalwood meditation bracelet
A beautiful real sandalwood bracelet

A true sandalwood meditation bracelet is typically blessed by a monk. A monk usually must bless each sandalwood meditation bracelet. This blessing is done through a recitation. The monk holds the beaded bracelet in hand and repeats a mantra while going through each bead. This process itself can take hours for a single bracelet. The blessing cannot be interrupted or else the monk will need to recite the entire mantra again. Our monk has a designated place. A cave/temple that has not been entered in nearly 220 years. However, our monk was the first to do so and that is where each blessing is held.



Why wear a sandalwood meditation bracelet?


Why wear a sandalwood bracelet?

A sandalwood meditation bracelet is a way to carry your prayers with you throughout your week. Meditating does not mean having to stay home. You can meditate anywhere. Many people around the world meditate in a train station/subway.  Each one of our yoga meditation bracelets have been handcrafted by a master craftsman who has been crafting things from wood for his entire life. Many other businesses claim their bracelets are “Handcrafted” however, through several college research it has been proved that 98% of stores do not handcraft their bracelets.



How can show you we handcrafted our sandalwood meditation bracelet?


Handcrafted sandalwood meditation bracelet

Simple answer, we have been around for more than a hundred years. Our sandalwood meditation bracelet were intended only for monks, sultans, and kings. When presenting a bracelet (back then) to a high arch it would take hours of inspecting a bracelet to ensure the bracelet was 100% handcrafted, natural, and uses top-quality materials. We have given our sandalwood meditation bracelet all around the world and have been noticed by many like; Jigme K. –King of Bhutan, Ongino K. –Popular monk, and Sehzade o -Sultan. We also have many projects coming up. One of our main projects we will be focusing on is how and where our craftsman makes each bead. Like the video of us showing you how our monk blesses each bracelet.



Can children meditate too?


Can a child meditate too?

Mediation is not only intended for adults. Meditation can also be for children. Through scientific research it been proved that when meditating at an early age, meditating will help the human mind much more. When the child is grown up, they will not deal with as much problems as a regular adult who has never meditated. A bracelet of meditation can also help a child but its more recommend using a mediation bracelet.



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