Benefits of Rudraksha bracelet

Rudraksha bracelet
For hundreds if not thousands of years, Rudraksha Bracelet has been worn by many for, self-confidence, health, power and for a fearless life. Since the ages Rudraksha seeds have been tested and worn by the Yogis, Monks, Kings they found these exotic seeds to be very useful for mental, physical and spiritual attainment. The power of a Rudraksha seed is felt quickly by real and exotic Rudraksha beads like Buddhist bracelet.

A true Rudraksha bracelet is blessed by a monk. A monk usually must bless each Rudraksha bracelet. This blessing is done through a recitation. The monk holds the Rudraksha bracelet in hand and repeats a mantra while going through each seed. This process itself can take hours for a single Rudraksha bracelet. The blessing cannot be interrupted or else the monk will need to recite the entire mantra again. Our monk has a designated place. A cave/temple that has not been entered in nearly 220 years. However, our monk was the first to do so and that is where each blessing is held. The blessed has massive hidden power that can bring peace of mind and happiness. Our Rudraksha seed is extremely sacred.





 A true Rudraksha Bracelet naturally gives us an enormous fortune. Rudraksha Bracelet brings good luck, success, prosperity, financial gains and abolishes all sorts of evil forces.


Benefits of Rudraksha bracelet the Himalayas

When wearing a true Rudraksha seed bracelet it can result in the destruction of black magic, evil eye effects and sins.


Strength can be a benefit from Rudraksha bracelet
Using Rudraksha bracelets also strengthens a personal aura and balances the chakras of the human body. It also removes the blood impurities and strengthens strength and vitality. It also protects the user from all worries and miseries.




What is a true Rudraksha bracelet?


Rudraksha bracelet
A Rudraksha bracelet is powerful tool. A Rudraksha bracelet can help one’s mind, anxiety, improving a person’s health, stress, help your immunity and mood  A Rudraksha bracelet can help with many other things. We are only listing a few things it can help with.   

Why do companies fake Rudraksha bracelets?


Why do companies fake Rudraksha bracelet?
Everyone talks about owning a Rudraksha bracelet and that is understandable Rudraksha bracelets are getting more popular by the second, but what is a true Rudraksha bracelet?
Anyone can say they have a Rudraksha bracelet. A true Rudraksha bracelet has many components. The following qualities are provided in all our Rudraksha bracelet.


Our Rudraksha bracelet;


  1. From the Himalayan: All our Rudraksha seeds are found In the Himalayas.


  1. Handpicked: All our Rudraksha seeds are handpicked. This lets us get the best quality/grade of seeds.


  1. Cutting/Scratching: When cutting/scratching the seed, you should notice it is seed rather than synthetic wood/seed. The color of the bead should not turn white or any other color. (Please understand we are not saying cut your bead in half but rather scratching it to see whether its painted or not)


  1. The smell: There should be a smell to your Rudraksha bracelet. If it has not smell, it means it is fake wood. The smell is both the seed and the Himalayas.


Interesting facts about the benefits of Rudraksha bracelets:


  • Our Rudraksha seed acts like a protective guard that safeguards its wearer from negative energies. If you are a person who is always on the go, this seed is meant for you
  • For children, the Rudraksha seeds can also increase a childs focus and concentration.
  •  Purity of life, in general, happens by wearing the Rudraksha bead.
  • A real Rudraksha seed is extensively used while doing meditation, yoga or reciting prayers.



Our Rudraksha Bracelet available at is 100% authentic and Handpicked from the Himalayan Mountain. So, we highly recommend avoiding suppliers who are just making money and rather help people.


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