Taxus wood Bracelet - Buddhist bracelet
Taxus wood Bracelet - Buddhist bracelet
Taxus wood Bracelet - Buddhist bracelet
Taxus wood Bracelet - Buddhist bracelet
Taxus wood Bracelet - Buddhist bracelet
Buddhist Bracelet

Taxus wood Bracelet - Buddhist bracelet

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Taxus wood or Chinese yew is a very old wood that mainly grows in China, elevating up to 900 meters. This tree and its leaves are used as one of the main substances in treating cancer and many other diseases. It has a wide range of medical and pharmaceutical uses and is considered one of the most precious trees in China, remaining under the special protection of national and international laws.

This wood is one of the most common woods used in old China for ornaments and imperial furniture; it is also used in small carvings, engravings and delicate artifacts because of its strength, beauty, very smooth and silky touch and patina.

This bracelet is very smooth, beautiful, heavy and dense; it’s a truly unique item, and if you are a fan of old Chinese artifacts and woodwork, look no further.

This bracelet is 100% natural, handmade by a master artist, and individually blessed by a Buddhist monk.

We not only source our wood directly and ethically; we make sure that we NEVER source or use wood from endangered forests or unethical sources.

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Lifetime Warranty, every bracelet we offer is covered by a lifetime warranty. It’s that simple.

Why you should buy this?

1- 100% Natural, Handmade, Top quality (Don’t buy the cheap ones that’s everyone is wearing).
2- Lifetime warranty (Never pay twice for the same bracelet).
3- Free Fast shipping on all US orders (Get it fast with free shipping).
4- Extremely well made (perfect for yoga, sport, and other activities).
5- Beautifully engraved wood box (the perfect special gift to someone special).
6- Support our cause "LIFE" (love, intelligent, freedom, enjoyment).
7- A dedicated Buddhist monk energized that bracelet for you (good vibes and energy).

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