Engraved Buddhist monk bead bracelet

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This seed bead bracelet has been engraved and has is a 1 of 1. This type of bead bracelet has been in our vault for over 95 years and has only been offered to Kings, Sultans, and Monks. 

This is a beautiful yet unique monk bead bracelet. Through the years we have a limited number of bracelets that are allowed to go public.  Many of our bracelets are stored and kept for high-archy people such as monks, kings, and sultans. However, this is the first time we've released such an exquisite monk bead bracelet like this one.  Our monk bead bracelet has been handcrafted by a master artist. Through decades of practice and perfecting this skill, we present you with a perfect monk bead bracelet. 



100% Natural, Handmade, Blessed, and Top-quality.


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