Rare Olive nut carving 1/1

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This Tibetan wood necklace has been handcrafted by our master craftsman. This is a 1 of 1. You will never see a necklace like this one. This necklace has been in our vault for many decades (95 years) and is now public. This has only been seen/offered to Kings, Sultans, and monks. No one else has ever seen or worn this necklace other then high-archy. The piece you see only uses real wood and is blessed by a monk. This piece was handcrafted down to each bead. No machine this is the last necklace we have to offer. All other necklaces we've previously offered are/have been owned by a King, Sultan, or monk.
Hand crafted 

Pictures speak louder than words

100% Natural, hand finished blessed Chinese olive seeds Necklace.

Olive nut carving is considered one of the oldest, hardest, and most delicate kinds of miniature carving.

In 2008, the ancient craft of fruit nut carving was listed as a National Intangible Cultural Heritage.

In 2013, many artists and cultural institutes around the world started considering it as an endangered art that may be lost.

The seeds are handpicked individually from the very best selection of black Chinese olives that grow in the province of Guangdong. Those pits are much larger and smoother than regular olive pits.

After selecting the perfect pit for carving, the pit is put in water for a few days. Soaking the pit gives it more strength and flexibility to withstand the carving process.

Then each pit is individually drilled by a high precision machine specifically designed for that purpose.

A specialized 3D designer will design the shapes, faces, depth, and size of carving on a program taking into consideration the size of the pit, the layers, and the texture.

Then the designer will choose the best design and the most suitable face to start carving the pit.

The pit is then put in a high precision machine where a special rotor with multiple heads will start the basic carving process.

After the basic carving is done, the head of the rotor will be changed to a smaller more delicate needle to work in more depth and detail. After that is complete, another (smoothing and finishing) head will be put on the rotor to smooth the edges and finish the angles perfectly.

After that, every single pit is hand smoothed and shined with micro sandpaper and soft brushes.

After that, the pits will get an extra step like adding or cutting the connected or unfinished edges of the pit. On occasion, some of the parts will be colored.

Now the pits are ready to be strung by hand using a special high-quality thread specifically designed for this purpose, with connecting or supporting microbeads. Then a main middle Guru bead is inserted. Once the Guru bead is added, the bracelet is stretched and tied. Finally, the bracelet knotted by hand to be a true piece of art and style that will definitely leave a lasting impression.

A Buddhist monk individually blesses every single bracelet we offer. The blessing is being administered to every unique bracelet we offer by a dedicated monk in a temple, no exceptions. It’s done by holding the bracelet in hand and reciting a particular mantra in a specific way to bless and attract positive energy to the person wearing this item. It's not to grant any superpowers or metaphysical abilities but solely for good energy and healthy vibe. Additionally, for every single bracelet that is blessed, we donate a percentage of our profits to a temple or a group of monks. (more meditation, more peaceful world).