Step 1.


The stones are mined, selected, and used. We work with other teams to use their mine. We make sure we handpick each stone for its quality.


Buddhist Stone Bracelet Making

Step 2.


The stones are then sent to the lab for further examination to make sure they are High-Quality. There are several techniques to test this and we make sure to use all of them to guarantee you High-Quality.


Buddhist Stone Bracelet Making

Step 3.


Rough rocks are than placed in a machine that slices them into slabs. Water is very important during this process so it can help control all and any dust.


Buddhist Stone Bracelet Making

Step 4.


The slabs are than cut with a machine that slices them into cubes. Long cubes will go through the machine again so they can become smaller.


Step 5.


Then our craftsman chisels each stone to round off the cube’s corner and make them into spheres. This process alone takes days to do and if a stone bead gets messed up than it is automatically thrown away.


Step 6.


Our craftsman than uses sandpaper in 6-8 different grits, a clean cloth, water, and wood board.  Our craftsman than puts the sandpaper on the board adds water and slowly sands the bead. This process can take 30-40 minutes for each bead.


Step 7.  


A certain tool Is than used to drill a hole into each stone bead. We also use water here to help control the dust.


Buddhist Stone Bracelet Making

Step 8.


The beads are than strung and ready to be presented to our customers.


Buddhist Stone Bracelet Making
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