We as “Buddhist bracelet” have made many promises. One of them being that we would use the highest quality wood. We take this promise very seriously and ensure the fact that we have only used the best quality of wood/seeds in the 125 years of business we’ve been.


When looking for quality you are looking for multiple things.  


Buddhist bracelet wood

The first and most important question, does our bracelets use real and authentic wood? Our answer is always the same, yes. We have never given a Buddhist bracelet with fake wood. That does not represent us.


You might say “I’ve seen a similar bracelet like yours.” Yes, you probably have. However, most if not all those businesses are selling fake wood bracelets and claiming its real. How can we prove ours is real? When you receive our bracelet, there will be a smell this smell is of the wood. Most fake bracelets do not have a smell, meaning its fake. When and If you cut the wood bead in half you will not only see wood but the smell of it too. You see many bracelets forget that. Yes, their might be a smell from the outside, however, their should be one within.


Our bracelets are also all hand crafted. They are all hand crafted by our master craftsman. Obviously, our craftsman hasn’t been with us since the beginning, but, it is passed down from one generation to another. Our craftsman has been hand crafting wood bracelets/necklaces since he was 5 with his dad (Our former craftsman).


Why handmade, why not machines? For it to be handmade it means it has high-quality. A handmade bracelet is made to the highest quality because our craftsman understands each value of each wood. Therefore, most of those bracelets are cheap because they are fake. Paying less means you are receiving less. Lastly, handcrafted bracelets are more durable and last longer than something made from a machine.


Goal of Buddhist bracelet