The wood bracelets we offer made from 100% natural, highest quality, rarest kinds of woods in the world. We don't only source our wood directly and ethically we make sure that we NEVER source or use wood from endangered forests or unethical sources. When wood is sourced, we are the first to choose what kind of wood to use and from which trees, this is to make sure that we are only using the best of the best and not the general or bulk or even leftovers of wood. All our wood bracelets are made from the 10% of the inside core of trees, and these make the wood much stronger, more beautiful and have the best smell. All our wood slabs get chosen, cut and cubed by hand and in the best and highest possible standard. Then after the slice is selected, chopped, and cubed it goes through the process of becoming beads.


The cubes then drilled and holed in high precision; then those cubes get sphered and shaped to be a bead.


Then the beads will be further smoothed and softened through multiple layers of sanding. Constantly measured in a high precision to make sure it’s in the perfect size.


The smoothing process will make it look beautiful and jewelry quality, but we go through another process of individually softening the beads to add this extra gorgeous patina and show the real spirit of the wood. Then we polish and shine the bead to the ultimate level with a very soft cotton cloth and special materials to add the extreme final shine.


Then the beads get strung to become a bracelet the strings or threads we use are of the highest quality. Cotton or silk with an elastic support that's not only designed to last the everyday wear and use but to be more than sufficient for real meditation, manta, and intense cycling in hand, in addition to the quality of the strings we also use double lines on our bracelets whenever its possible. Then the bracelet gets tied and knotted in one of the most beautiful and exotic knots, the old Chinese lucky knot. The Knot is hand-made, and it takes great dedication and experience to do it the right way, trust us when we say this is not easy.


Then every single bracelet gets individually blessed by a dedicated Buddhist monk this is done by holding the bracelet in hand and reciting a good luck mantra to attract positive energy and a good vibe to the wearer of the bracelet. Then every single bracelet goes through a final process of inspection, wiped and cleaned by a silk or cotton cloth before putting it in its unique wood box ready to go into your hands.