A yoga bracelet is a powerful tool. It can help with many things. As we have stated before all of our bracelets are blessed by a monk. This is done through a recitation. This blessing helps one’s mind.

1- This helps a yogi with his/her breathing. How? This is by focusing on each individual bead. One bead is to breathe in, and the other is to breathe out.

2- A yoga bracelet like ours can help with keeping a person calm. Many people get anxious or excited. Through our yoga bracelet, it can help those who deal with these problems. Focusing on your breathing is key and our bracelet does just that.

3- Improve and focus on others. This helps you within. Improving as a human is key and focusing on other than yourself is also key. Our yoga bracelets do just that.


A yoga bracelet to keep ones mind calm

Why our yoga bracelets?

Our bracelets have been around for decades. It will remain that way for a long time. Our bracelets used to be exclusive for the high class and are now open to the public. Unlike most companies, we focus on the customers. What does that mean? When a customer purchases our yoga bracelet, we make sure all of our yoga bracelets have the following; authentic wood, natural, blessed, handcrafted, and top-quality materials.

Real wood- Our bracelets only use real, authentic wood. We have been doing that since we have started (1895) and will remain that way. Many companies change and use fake wood. However, we will never do that. There are many videos that show “How to check if its real wood” and if you check our bracelets, you’ll see nothing but authenticity.

Natural- Each one of our yoga bracelets is natural. They use only natural materials found in forests/wild. Know that we will never source or use wood from endangered forests or unethical sources.

Blessed- Each one of our bracelets is blessed by a monk. It’s done through a recitation. To see a video, feel free to check out our home page at the bottom of this page.

Handcrafted- We have a master craftsman. Our craftsman makes each one of our bracelets. Down to each bead.

Top-quality- We never use fake/knock-off wood. We use the best type of wood (100% wood) our wood has been all sourced by Hanoi, Vietnam.


Why is yoga important?

Yoga can be helpful for many things, yoga helps control an individual’s mind, body, and soul. It brings mental discipline. Yoga has been around for more than 5,000 years. Yoga has been practiced by many. When understanding how yoga works your mind will be much clearer. Yoga is not only for poses and stretching it can also take someone out of their state of mind and act as if they were sleeping. Real yogis know how to do this.


Interesting facts about yoga

Increases flexibility, builds muscle strength, increases blood flow, and many more. Yoga can help with a lot of things. Whether it's health or physical appearance. Many celebrities do yoga-like; Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, Christy Turlington, and Jessica Biel.

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